Uploads is a package that you can add to your HulerHub subscription. With this feature, Admin users have the ability to seamlessly upload files for end users to access and download right from within HulerHub!

Admin users have 5GB free limit on Uploads, if you wish to upgrade to unlimited Uploads, please speak to your Customer Success Manager. 

To access the Upload functionality, firstly you need to navigate to your Admin Settings from here, head into Tiles > Create. You will then be presented with the following page:

Here you can create an admin tile, write an article, create a Collection and Upload files. In this article, we will be focusing on the Upload functionality. 

From here, simply click onto 'Upload'. You have two options: you can drag the files you wish to upload or you can click to upload. The following file formats are supported at this time: 

  • .pdf files
  • .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif files
  • .doc/.docx files
  • .xls/.xlsx files
  • .ppt/.pptx files

For the upload to be successful, files need to be under 2GB and labelled correctly (ie. content can not be labelled .doc if it is actually a .txt or .exe) and contain no viruses' - but rest assured, the Huler logic will do all the scanning and hard work for you!

Provided the file has passed all the necessary checks, you will then have the option to either proceed or remove/swap the file. Clicking proceed will take you to the create tile flow, where you can modify your tile, the audiences assigned to it and where it sits on Huler as usual.

PDF and image files (.png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg) can be previewed by users in the front end of the app, as shown below: 

Here, users also have the option to download the content to their own devices by clicking on 'Download'

All other file types will need to be downloaded locally to be viewed, but watch this space! We're working on it. 

We're continuously enchancing and expanding our uploads feature, so if the file type you need for upload or preview isn't currently supported, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with your request.