Creating collections is an effective method for gathering and organizing your thoughts and ideas, and can serve a multitude of purposes:

  • Collating and grouping more of your day-to-day tiles that have a common theme;
  • Link to articles that you may wish to read or revisit in future; 
  • Grouping together key documents or reports;
  • Using collections to streamline your pre-boarding, onboarding, wellbeing, DEI collections and much more; or
  • More personal uses like recipes you want to make at home or online workouts you want to do.

This article will walk through creating and populating an Admin Collection.

To begin, navigate to the Admin settings. From here, click on 'Collections' > '+ Create'.

You will then be presented with the following screen:

This is where you can input the details (name & description) of your collection and modify the way the text appears on the face of the tile. 

As an admin, you have extra privileges when creating Collections which can be accessed through the 'Settings' button. 

Like a regular Admin tile, Collections can be pushed to the Workplace, Featured Page or Carousel and can be audience managed. Find out more about these settings here

Managing & editing Admin Collections  

Admin Collections can be edited through the Collections Overview page which can be accessed through 'Collections' > 'Overview' 

On the overview page, you can find a summary of all the Collections that have been created by Admins.

You can use 'Column Fields' to categorize what information you wish to display 

And you can use 'Filter' to filter the Audiences 

To edit your the name and description of the Collection, click into 'Actions' > 'Edit'. 

To edit the content within the Collection, click into 'Actions' > 'Edit items' 

Here, you can manage the audience of the Collection, add existing Admin-created tiles, add new tiles and share your Collection externally