Collaborating effectively in business can result in greater success, innovative ideas, and a streamlined workflow. With Collaborative Collections, it’s now easier than ever to curate content with your colleagues. 

There are 3 permissions that can be set against a Collection which determines how much control the user has: 

  • Owner – The owner is the Collection Creator and as many additional owners as you want. Owners can edit, delete, share/unshare, assign other owners/collaborators and all other functionality that a collaborator can do 
  • Collaborator – The collaborator can add/delete tiles to/from a Collection, edit non-admin tiles (tile URL, image, description) and re-order items 
  • Viewer – Can only view content inside a Collection if the Collection has been shared with them. Any audience-managed tiles will never appear to those not in the correct audience.

Setting the permissions

After creating your Collection, you can assign permissions to it by clicking on the 'share' button located at the top left corner.

You can choose to share your Collection either externally or internally. To share internally, select 'share internally' and then 'add users'. This will open a pop-up menu that contains all the users in your system. To share your Collection with specific users, click the '+' button and add their names.

Huler Tip: You can also search by department!

Once you are happy with your selection, click save. Users added will default as 'Viewers'. 

There are two ways of changing the permissions, manually or in bulk. To change manually, click on the three dots in the top left-hand corner. Here, you can make your selection of assigning Owner, Viewer, Collaborator or un-sharing the collection altogether. 

To change in bulk, select the users you wish to modify and click on 'Bulk Actions'. 


Any users with permission to edit collections can either: 

  • Create tiles directly within the Collection 
  • Add tiles from their MyTiles – any modifications made to the tile within the collection will not affect the original end tile 
  • Add tiles from Workplace – these will reference the original tile and will not be editable. If any owner or collaborators are not in the correct audience to view the tiles they will appear as locked for the purpose of re-ordering or deleting tiles

Managing your Collections 

Information on the Collection is visible at the top of the page, underneath the Collection title. 

To edit the details of your Collection, simply click on the pencil icon. You can also see how many people the Collection has been shared with, and access the list of users by clicking on it. 

If you wish to unshare your Collection completely, you can do so by clicking on the 'Shared' button in the left-hand corner and then 'Unshare'