To access Audience Management, navigate to your Admin Settings.


Head over to the ‘Audiences’ tab in your context menu and click into 'Overview’.

Audience overview

The Audience Management section gives you an overview of all the audiences currently active in your Hub. You can categorise the information you want to display by clicking into the Column Fields button, as shown below:

The choice is yours! You can choose to have as many or as little of these displaying on your Audience Management as you wish.

Editing your audiences 

Sometimes we need to make adjustments to our audiences. No problem! You can do this in this area. Click into the toggles on the right of the audience you wish to edit.  

You have two editing options here. Edit and edit users. First, let’s discuss 'Edit':

Edit - Editing the audience parameters

Clicking into edit will allow you to edit the information or parameters assigned to your audience. This form reflects the exact same form as when creating an Audience.

Editing users

Clicking Edit users will allow you to manage  

You can add users to your audience by searching for the name of desired user in the search bar. Once you’re happy, click onto the green plus button. Your user has now been added! 

To remove users, simply click into the Actions toggle and click onto 'Remove from audience'.

It may take up to one hour for these changes to be reflected in your HulerHub