You can produce personalised, consistent and powerful content, all from within your own HulerHub. 


To create an article, navigate to your Admin Settings.

Then, head to your Articles Overview and click Create.

There are 3 steps to creating an Article:

  • Creating the content 
  • Setting permissions
  • Adding related tiles

From here, the creativity is over to you! You can add a title and also chose an image or a gif banner to your article (note: this image/gif will be the image used for the tile which will house the article).

You can also use the toggle to show or hide the author.

Here is where you can let your creative side out! Write the intro and the body of your article here. The intro text will default as bold however you have complete control over your main body text and how you want it to display. 

Did you know? You can also add links and quotes to your Articles!

Setting the permissions

Just like a normal tile, you can audience manage your articles to ensure your targeted content reaches the correct users.

Setting it to Global will mean that it will show on Workplace for all users. As a result of making an article global, you cannot manage specific audiences.

To audience manage your article, set 'Is Global?' to ‘No’ and use the 'Choose Audience' dropdown list to select the necessary groups:

To add an article to your Featured or Carousel page you will need to do so through Tile Overview and edit the way you would a normal Administrator Tile. 

Selecting related Tiles


Do you have the perfect tile to accompany your article so users can learn more? Perfect! You can add any related content here that already lives inside your HulerHub by searching for the tile. This will populate underneath the article. 

Once you’re happy with your article, hit save. The article will be created and a tile will be generated! 

We all make mistakes from time to time so no pressure if you need to make some changes. You can do so through the Tile Overview section of HubAdmin! 

Happy writing!