To view your users, navigate to your Admin Settings.

Follow up by heading over to the ‘Users’ tab in your context menu and click into 'Overview’. 

User Overview

This section gives you an overview of all the users currently uploaded into the system. You can categorize what information you want to display by clicking into the Column Fields button and turning the toggles on or off, as shown below:


These will reflect whatever organisational attributes you have inputted into the system; you can choose to have as many or as little of these visible as you want. 

You can also filter your Users for more refined results.

User status’ 

There are 3 different user status’ that are assigned to users. 

Active – User has accepted the email invite and logged into the system
Invited – Welcome email has been sent to user
Unknown – No attribute data has pulled through for the user 

Editing users 

There are some occasions where you may need to edit some of the parameters associated to your user, for instance to update their name, start date or system privileges. 

You can update any of the optional parameters at any time through User Management simply by clicking onto three dot toggles to the right. Here you will have the option to edit your user and will be redirected to the same form as when you manually create your users. 

Did you know? You can also download the data as a CSV file by clicking into Download CSV.

Did you know? You can also download the data as a CSV file by clicking into Download CSV

Bulk actions

We all know emails can get lost in busy inboxes. If you need to resend a users invite email, you can do so by clicking the check box next to the desired user and heading to Bulk Action > Resend Invite > Apply