Did you know that you can make your Tiles even more engaging and dynamic with by embedding videos, PDFs, websites, documents and podcasts? 

In this article, we will highlight how to embed videos into your HulerHub. Find out more about embedding different media tiles here.

All you need to do is grab the embed code from your chosen video sharing platform (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo) and add it into HulerHub like you would a normal tile.


Finding the Embed code

Creating a video tile is just as quick and easy as creating a normal tile. But instead of using a URL, you will need a code from the video. This is called an Embed Code and it will ensure your chosen video will play directly inside HulerHub. How cool is that?

Locating the Embed Code differs slightly from platform to platform, however the fundamentals are the same.

On your chosen video you need to locate the 'Share' button. In most cases, clicking this button will display an option for you to embed the video.

See this example below taken from YouTube.

Click here for more information and guidance in finding the embed code for commonly used video hosting platforms.

Did you know you can also add video embed tiles to your Collections? Why not spice up your Pre-Boarding with a video from a hiring manager, create 

personalised 1:1 videos or  embed your PDFs and documents in one easy access place.

Adding the video into your Hub

Now you have the Embed Code, it’s time to add it to your Hub.

You do this in the exact same way as you would for creating a normal tile.

Click the ‘+’ in your toolbar and paste the code into the box that appears. Alternatively, you can also create a new tile from your MyTiles dashboard.

Note: Some video hosting and streaming platforms require you to define who you would like to share your video with. Be sure to double check the settings on your chosen website to ensure it is accessible for those you would like to share it with.