What is HulerHub’s Employee Recognition Feature?

HulerHub’s employee recognition feature is changing the way organisations recognise their employees. It’s a virtual high-five that you can give to anyone at any time. Best of all, it only takes 2 clicks to show your appreciation or acknowledge a job well done - all from within the digital workplace you use everyday!

Cool! How does it work?

HulerHub's employee recognition features helps your organisation to create a sustainable culture of regular, transparent peer-to-peer feedback, by enabling users to send notes of recognition quickly and easily within the platform. 

Let's take a closer look...

The dynamic employee recognition tile lives in your Workplace. You will recognise it by the lightning bolt icon.

At any given time this tile will switch between 3 views:

  • Recognition notes received
  • Total recognition received during the month
  • Total recognition given during the month

Click on the tile and you will find yourself inside the recognition dashboard. This is where the magic really starts. 

The recognition dashboard is split into 4 sections:


Overview shows you a summary of all the recognition you have given and received in the last 30 days, along with a list of the last 3 people to share a note of thanks with you.

To pay it forward and recognise the colleagues in this list, simply click the lightning bolt icon.

From here, a pop up will appear with a free text box for you to add a note of thanks.

Type your message and hit send to share the love. It's as simple as that! 

If you'd like to send a note of thanks back to someone who has recently sent you kudos, just click on the lightning bolt icon next to their name. 

From here a new pop up will appear with a free text box for you to add your comment.

Quick Recognition

The cards at the top of your dashboard enable you to quickly and easily recognise your colleagues.

Click any of the cards to send a message of recognition to those people. 

Or, to send a message to anyone else in your organisation, simply click the tile on the far right.

This will then open the comments box which features a space for your message and a section for you to choose who you'd like to send it to.

To do this, just start typing that persons name into the search box and, providing they have a HulerHub account associated with your organisation, their name will appear.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed makes employee recognition visible across your organisation.

‘All Activity’ shows you all of the recognition that has been shared across the business in chronological order.

‘Your Kudos’ shows all of the recognition that you have received in chronological order.

Toggle between the two to change your view.


The Leaderboard is a great way to encourage employees to give peer to peer feedback - helping you to build a sustainable culture of recognition in your business.

‘Received’ shows who in your organisation has received the most recognition over the last 30 days.

‘Given’ shows who in your organisation has given the most recognition over the last 30 days.

Toggle between the two to change your view.

Admin users will have access to additional functions. Click here for more information.