Welcome to HulerHub.

As Admins you have the ownership and controls to Add users and create workplace tiles, make updates and maintain all areas of the Hub as well as having the rights to control who sees what in HulerHub.

So lets get started. Here are a few areas you need to access when setting up the hub.

Admin Area

To access this section of Hulerhub, click on the burger bars in the top left of the page. This is where you can get to all the back end functionality of the hub. 

Everything you need as Admin to change and update certain sections, you can access right here.

Personalise the Hub

Here you can make Hulerhub your own space. Add in your own company logo, theme and colours. 

This is one of the best ways to design Hulerhub in a way that looks like your own organisations workspace. Remember to also change the view to either light or dark mode. This will give your hub a whole new look!

Add Tiles

Create tiles to feature and showcase all the most important links, files and documents. Hulerhub provides quick access to everything you need in just a few clicks. You can also stylize these to add your personal touch by uploading brand images, colours or even .gifs.

Understand Featured, Workplace and Libraries

Once you decide on what tiles you want to create, the next decision is where you wish to display these in the hub.

  • Featured Page

This is the Hulerhub landing page that will be first seen when everyone logs in. This is where you can display all of you most important or relevant tiles for quick access. You can also make the featured page set up as a campaign, maybe you want to run a short Holiday period theme. The options are endless.

  • Workplace 

This area is the library where all of the tiles created by Admins are stored. Once a tile has been created in the Admin section, then it will be saved in here. You can choose whether you want a tile to be on the Featured page, Carousel or even visible only to a user within an audience group.

  • Carousel

On the featured page, you will see a moving Carousel. The tiles here are on a rotation and you can have an many tiles as you wish in this area of the Hub. 


Here you can add multiple tiles and group them into one collection. Maybe  you want to create a collection for Onboarding or finance. What's more, you can then choose to share this with anyone you wish.

Adding Users

Once you have decided how you want Hulerhub to work for you. The next thing is to look at adding in your users.

The article here will explain how to do this.

Reporting Dashboard

Located in the Admin menu, you will straight away be directed to the Dashboard. This page will provide you with lots of information about how HulerHub is being used, by who and when. Giving you a really great overview to getting the very best out of HulerHub and making it work for you.

Here we have created a collection that contains a whole of useful resources, that will help you with your roll out.