Creating collections is an effective method for gathering and organizing your thoughts and ideas, and can serve a multitude of purposes:

  • Collating and grouping more of your day-to-day tiles that have a common theme;
  • Link to articles that you may wish to read or revisit in future; 
  • Grouping together key documents or reports;
  • Using collections to streamline your pre-boarding, onboarding, wellbeing, DEI collections and much more; or
  • More personal uses like recipes you want to make at home or online workouts you want to do.

This section will talk through creating and populating a User Collection. 

Creating a Collection

To create a Collection, simply click the + icon in the footer. From here, you will be presented with the option to either create a tile or create a Collection. 

Once you click on Collection, you will see the following screen. This is where you can input the details (name & description) of your Collection and modify the way the text appears on the face of the tile. 

Adding to a Collection

From here you have two ways to add a tile to a Collection:

  • You can add tiles to your Collections from your MyHub. To do this, simply click on the top left corner of any tile within that area and then select 'Add to Collection'. You will then be given the option of which Collection you want to add the tile to.
  • Open up the Collection page and click the '+' button, or use the Quick Add URL box in the top right-hand corner. 

Using '+' to create a Collection

Once you press the '+' button, you can then add your desired URL and click enter. Then, you'll arrive at the following screen with additional styling options:

If you want your own image or a colour, proceed as above. However, in this area, you have suggested imagery that works as follows:

  • If the URL site you have added allows it, Huler will be able to drag images from the site for you and it will suggest it here;
  • If not, it will provide some of the above images to help make your collections look great. 

Completed collection

A collection can have as many items as you want, but only the first four you create will

show within the main icon in your library.

Important - Note that when a collection is created. It will appear as the last collection on the page and appear at the bottom. You can move it but dragging and repositioning it.

You have the option to assign varying permissions to your Collections, enabling you and your colleagues to collaborate on content creation. Interested in learning more? Check out the details here.

But wait... there's more! You can also share your Collections externally, meaning you can send your Collections to anyone, even if they don't have a HulerHub login.